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Everybody there knows a problem, right? When you start using your n900 to surf internets via wifi, it starts heating until reboot. There is nothing with CPU, the only problem is WIFI. LOL, energy saving for wireless adapter is just turned off ^^

So, here is a way to enable it.
First you need to install iwconfig utility.

Boot n900 to maemo, then download an attachment and unpack it to MyDocs. There is only one file - iwmulticall.
Then you should mount your Android partition like you did when installing it and put iwmulticall to Android binaries. To do this, type in Terminal

mount /home /and
cp /home/user/MyDocs/iwmulticall /and/system/bin/iwmulticall

If you installed Nitdroid to sdcard, you should mount it another way. If you dont know how to do this, maybe you should ask someone who knows ^^
If you have any root explorer installed on Nitdroid, you can do the same thing using it.

If everything is ok, reboot your n900 to Nitdroid, open Dev Tools, then Terminal Emulator. Type there:


Accept superuser request, then type

cd system
cd bin
ls -l iw*

You should see something like this:

#  ls -l iw*
-rw-r--r-- root    root    95272  2011-02-2315:29 iwmulticall

If you dont, something went wrong. Return to previous step.
If you do, go ahead. Type

chmod 0755 iwmulticall
ln iwmulticall iwconfig
ln iwmulticall iwgetid
ln iwmulticall iwlist
ln iwmulticall iwpriv
ln iwmulticall iwspy


ls -l iw*

After executing last command, you should see exactly this:

#  ls -l iw*
-rwxr-xr-x root    root    95272  2011-02-2315:29 iwconfig
-rwxr-xr-x root    root    95272  2011-02-2315:29 iwgetid
-rwxr-xr-x root    root    95272  2011-02-2315:29 iwlist
-rwxr-xr-x root    root    95272  2011-02-2315:29 iwmulticall
-rwxr-xr-x root    root    95272  2011-02-2315:29 iwpriv
-rwxr-xr-x root    root    95272  2011-02-2315:29 iwspy

If you do, then installation of iwconfig utility was successful.

Then you type in terminal


and see horrible thing -

wlan0   IEEE 802.11bg
            Power management:off

That's root of evil. Now type in terminal

iwconfig wlan0 power 1

and your n900 will stop heating until you reboot or disable/enable wifi in settings.

Now you need to enter in terminal

iwconfig wlan0 power 1

each time before you connect to a wlan access point, and everything will be fine. Enjoy!

P. S. I dont know, maybe this will work with 3g data... try yourself.

P. P. S. does anybody know a way to run this every time phone connects to wireless network?
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Stability Issues?

NITDroid uses 500 1150 default CPU clock settings which can make some devices unstable. In Maemo, open Xterminal then:
mount /home /and
cp /and/etc/oc-profile-250-500 /and/etc/power.conf
leafpad /and/etc/power.conf
Source: More info
AND VERY IMPORTANT FOR SWAP that I can see that the people do not understand well it

sudo gainroot
mount /home /and
leafpad default.prop 
and change

swap.swappiness=0 and put 1  AND SAVE
nitdrod installed in MICROSD  : 

Nitdroid installed in  EMMC

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  1. GScript -> need su -> create home shortcuts

    svc wifi enable
    iwconfig wlan0 power 1

    svc wifi disable