Wednesday, November 14, 2012

N900 MAEMO & N900 Nitdroid memory

Default eMMC is /dev/mmcblk0 partitioned into 3 groups as below:

  1. 768 MiB SWAP partition at /dev/mmcblk0p3
  2. 2 GiB /home partition at /dev/mmcblk0p2 (contains the /opt folder mounted at /home/opt) where optified applications are stored upon installation
  3. 27GiB (VFAT format) on /dev/mmcblk0p1
When Maemo is Booted, the 27GIB partition (mmcblk0p1) is mounted at /home/user/MyDocs
When you go into USB MASS Storage mode, (connecting to PC via USB) this partition is the one shown on PC.

Optified means applications downloaded from EXTRAS and NOKIA Repositories. which are final builds. The issue starts with the 768MiB partition filling up.

 Lets look at a modified eMMC 8GB HOME 21GB /MyDocs:
EMMC by Mido.Fayad.8GB
information compiled from Partitioning the flash (eMMC)- Instructions on
  1. 768 MiB @ /dev/mmcblk0p3 (SWAP)
  2. 08 GB @ /dev/mmcblk0p2 (HOME) aKa ext3
  3. 21GB @ /dev/mmcblk0p1 (MyDocs)
My Nitdroid says  140 MB of RAM (Total) and out of which 60 MB is always in use! So i want to look into the possibilities of expanding or maximizing Nitdroid RAM space.

Will keep you all posted on what i might find! When we all say "NITDROID" do we know its full meaning? "NIT" means "Nokia" "Internet" "Tablet" and then we know what DROID is right? Its anDROID!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

FEEDBACK ON NITDROID PROGRESS!!!!!! Issues and tweaks done

15-Nov-2012 11:11am******************

so yes small heart could bear it last night and i flashed it using my ubuntu 12 laptop.
So today I will try a different approach to install nitdroid. Will pass the information once i compile it.


14 nov 2012 9:50PM*************

um..i dont think its a good idea to fiddle with the super user phone did not boot up. not even maemo. just flashes the nokia logo and switches off... so put on charger but it keeps vibrating whilst on charger. so removed battery for a while n again put on charge for a while...i will check little later and update

14 nov 2012 7:55PM**************

just now i saw that the super user app in nitdroid had an update.but i was unable to do the update..browsed a bit and found another app.."su update fixer" but su update fixer also cannot complete update... I mailed to developer and waiting response

---------------- 14-Nov-2012**********************************************

Ok. So counting the third day. My apologies for the lesser progress since I have been very busy these 2 days. and also i think acting in a hurry will make new issues only..! take the bait!

I had one reboot yesterday. VLC crashed and had to reinstall again. No-FRILLS have been kept at 250min and 1Ghz max with Governor ON-DEMAND. I noted that it works very well with these settings.

I am having issues with usb connect and debug on Nitdroid. Today my target is to find a solution for this...try try try...

will post once confirmed on settings/mod. Any suggestions will be very helpful.

---end post---


Aloha and welcome back to another yet Sunny and HOT day in the Maldives.

Remind me!, Maldives is not the is Nitdroid. So i thought I will make a new post on the progress of my nitdroid installation on my beast; the N900.

Its the second day with functional Nitdroid. Last night installed below apps from Google play store with a WIFI connection. Wifi speed and connection not so good.
1- Fuit Ninja : (18MB) yay!! (lets not forget that gaming and internet was my heed for NITDROID!!!!
2. ES file explorer (less than 3MB) very good file browser for Nitdroid and can activate root access!
3. VLC beta for Android (7 MB i think)

My friend got a new LG P500 with Android 2.2 out of the box. It has a 600mhz processor and is enough for his out of the box operations. According to some past readings on; Nitdroid on N900 runs at 1.15Ghz by default. I am guessing that this is one cause for over heating easily. NO-FRILLS app allows you to set parameters. I have my devise currently on below CPU power
Min 250Mhz Max 850Mhz Conservative

The applications seem to work very well. I even played fruit Ninja with no crashes ---so far--- hehe

Oh...and almost bricked my devise too. Last night I went into Maemo to try to edit build prop but my clumsiness made me rename the build prop file and later when i tried to boot back into Nitdroid; it only showed a black blank-lit screen. (clever me) i realized that this must have been the build prop issue. Luckily I had made a back up of build prop so i had to replace it and it was ok. Now you know why i downloaded ES FILE EXPLORER and for the record; keep a back-up of whichever file you modify to escape from these situations

Anyways... i feel its been better today. very smooth. Will update later on what the monkey has been up to.

---End post---

12:30pm----- system acts lagged on receiving calls.. so i changed the No-Frill cpu to 250min 850 max and cpu governor at "performance". Much much much much better i say---
---end post---

Tweak Nitdroid on N900- BUILD PROPS FOR NITDROID N900

15/12/2012 4:27pm----------------

In all occasion that you are reading and referring to any information on my pages, please give first priority to directed settings and tweaks. Below is what I grabbed just now and should help with tweaking n900

Boot into Maemo
Open Xterm and type...
leafpad /home/system/build.prop

when you have build prop file opened, look for below setting and change as below.
My fone showed this value at 20 and I have tweaked it to 32!

for Swap enabling

OPen Xterm in Maemo and type
mount /home /and
leafpad /and/default.prop

look for: persis.swap.swappiness=0; the value to 1 (enabled)


Helo World *Beeeep* Disconnected! AM BACK!

Its been 16 hours since Nitdroid has been running on my n900 flawlessly without reboots or issues.

Now I am getting interested to tweak it a bit. This can be done by editing the build.prop file in nitdroid partition.

In one of my successful Nitdroid install in past, I failed to understand that N900 nitdroid was rooted from start. I edited the build.prop file on nitdroid using ES FILE EXPLORER and root could be activated by going to options in ES FILE EXPLORER and choosing 'enable root access' option (this gives you access to file system in Android).

Build prop file is located in /home/system/build.prop in the maemo OS. use filebox and you can edit the file without installing anything onto nitdroid.. You need to add the lines (as they are) at the BOTTOM of the Build.prop file entries.

General Performance UI Tweaks
Edit existing line,

also read as below (but bot checked by me) on x-da forum- Dalvik.vm settings

Faster Scrolling

Saves power
windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec=60 (can be increased to higher values 60-150 safe)

Raises quality of images

Increased Media & Streaming Performance
net.tcp.buffersize.default=4096,87380,256960,4096, 16384,256960 net.tcp.buffersize.wifi=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.umts=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.gprs=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.edge=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.evdo_b=4096,87380,256960,4096,1 6384,256960

Disable sending usage data

To make the phone ring faster when dialing out

Disable black screen issue after call


Disable USB Debugging icon from Status Bar. (Just the Icon, debugging remains enabled.)

Makes apps load faster and frees more ram. (Edit exsisting line)

Improve 3g data speeds

Update :

Increase the volume steps in-call :


By Default, android offers seven audio levels for calls. This can be altered through this command , if you want to fine adjust the volume of your voice calls. This won’t increase the volume if it’s already low. But you can manage it by more precisely.


Number of steps as integers. 7-20 is recommended. 7 is the default.

To Disable Boot Animation :

Increase Touch responsiveness :

To give your phone an HD effect fitting a little more on the screen, look for this in you current build.prop and change the 240 to:
ro.sf.lcd_density=X (225 or 230)


in default.prop: (ADD OR EDIT)  

If you need to see the changes you made, then download the 'build prop editor' by JRUMMY from the android market. It will show the additions you made. Handy to be sure eh!

NOTE: Just in case; please make a back-up of your original build.prop file so that if anything start acting alien, then you can just replace the old. I advise to add little by little and OBSERVE the changes. 10 additions should be ok.. and rebooting will apply them.

updated*12-nov-2012* 6:00PM*******************************

NITDROID Market fix and UPGRADING: easy guide

FIX NITDROID MARKET ISSUES. Google Play Welcomes you!

Go to Settings-- Manage Applications

Click on the tab that says to see the list of all installed apps.

Click on Market, a new window opens up

Click on end process, click ok to confirm.

On the same window, click clear cache, confirm if you are asked

Then go back to the list of apps and choose Google Services Framework

Again kill this process

On the same window, click clear data, confirm when asked.

Now close all the windows and reboot

12-11-12 updated 1:58pm- Male' Maldives**************************

HOW TO UPDATE N12 2.3.4 to N12 2.3.7 (tested)

download the n12 update @
open teminal
type in these commands
sudo gainroot
mount /user /and
cd user/MyDoc
bzip2 - d N12_update_2.3.7.tar.bz2
after the process
cd /and
tar xvf /user/MyDoc/N12_update_2.3.7.tar.bz2
update is complete


Boot into Maemo and Open Xterm and Type:
cd /
mount /home /and
cd /and
dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/nitdroid-kernel-2.6.28-07_7-rc7_armel.deb (note that you can replace kernel name with the file you have downloaded)

wait for it to complete installation. when its done then its time to check multiboot.item file. typing:

leafpad /etc/multiboot.d/11*

it will open multiboot config file for nitdroid. if you use a sdcard and don't want to take it out while booting into Nitdroid then change the value of ITEM_DEVICE to like this.

ITEM_DEVICE=${INT_CARD}p2 (if the value is like this then dont change it)

and if you want to boot nitdroid without sd card in N900 then change it to like this:

ITEM_DEVICE=mmcblk0p2 (0 means zero)


New and camd - Camera FIXED! Works on N12_UMay (2.3.4) with 2.3.7 camera libs, should also work on 2.3.7
P.s. Replace camd in system/maemo/bin (where init_subsys is stored)

Note: HOW TO UPDATE N12 is not yet tested by me but tested at and nitdroid forum...Everything under "OTHERFIXES" are tried by me and safe! :-D
12-11-12 updated 4:03pm- Male' Maldives**************************

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Installing Nitdroid UMAY /easy install on EMMC- guide 2


Refer tp "FEEDBACK ON NITDROID PROGRESS!!!!!! Issues" guide....yes already flashed and going to install Nitdroid on EMMC but this time I plan to install after reading more about this.

Some certificated and PUB_KEYS fail update in "sudo apt-get update" mode I figure the only way for a working Nitdroid would be first to make N900 fully functional. so this time i will install CSSU stable to get community updates.

Will keep you all posted.
TC and wish me luck!


Ok so after yesterdays yet again super failure to install and run NITDROID, Last night I again super flashed emmc & root of n900 (8GB EMMC). for PR1.3 ONLY (best after a fresh flash)

Guess what???? Its working without a glitch. This guide will let you install nitdroid with most minimal network/data charges possible and can still be tweaked to reduce more!

So heres what i did straight after flashing.
1- What u need, a good movie which you have seen atleast 1ce. some pop corn, a good beer/coke!
2- Copy the below files to "HOME" directory of n900
Nitdroid emmc installer 0.2.8-8.6rc6
Note: I chose kernel 6rc6 because this is the default kernel loaded by nitdroid in emmc auto installer. I have not tried another revision yet.

1- Open application Manager (HAM)> update> (Wait for it to update)
2- go to catalogs and add Extras devel/extras testing and fremantle tools.
3- click ok and let it load all the catalogues. It might take 5-8 mins for them to load.
4- Install>rootsh
close application Manager

open X termina...
Sudo gainroot
apt-get update
Note: you might get key/certificates expired notice. this is ok.. but apart from that; if any files are missing, go
apt-get upgrade >yes (y) to whatever it asks!
apt-get clean
close x-terminal

open file manager to where you saved the above 3 files (should be in MyDocs folder)

click on the nitdroid installer> Application Manager (HAM) will open and after install is done, close HAM.
go to your appliucations and click on the nitdroid installer (if you installed above version (0.2.2-8 6rc6) then you should have a nitdroid uninstaller as well) this will be handy if your install gets issues.

Nitdroid installer will start and check for all required files.
It will install multiboot and kernel and other dependencies so wait. keep an eye on the messages popping up to see if anything fails. After multiboot and other dependencies are done, it will close up because you dont have *bzip2* installed...funny part! The use of this was to make sure the dependencies are installed correctly and auto mode selects the latest and compatible versions for your devise. close x-terminal window and...

open X terminal
sudo gainroot
apt-get install filebox
Note: filebox will install bzip2/tar.gnu as additional packages.
apt-get update
cd ..
mount /home /and *NOTE* its is 'mount<space>/home<space>/and' Some people get it wrong.
cd /and
bzip2 -d /home/user/MyDocs/N12_UMay.tar.bz2
tar xvf /home/user/MyDocs/N12_UMay.tar
dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/nitdroid-kernel-2.6.28-07_6-rc6_armel.deb

wait for all to complete and close x-terminal
open filebox >settings>enable root access>close filebox (filebox needs to restart to apply root permission)
open filebox and at the location type...
this will show the files in the destination, Look for Nitdroid file like "11-NITDroid-mmcblk0p2-2.6.28.NIT.06.item". click on the file and check if
it should be

*important* Then SAVE before closing, people who complain about the guru meditation error often forget to save before closing =="
 I use leaf pad to edit the files. ("sudo gainroot">"apt-get install leafpad" in terminal) open filebox>settings>choose editor as "leafpad" and the file should be editable and savable.

Exit filebox and shut down n900. Put it to charge for min 2 hours. advisable...(as nitdroid needs a lot of things at initial startup process). after charge is done, open n900 with keyboard open and click 2.

*** bugs and issues to be reported for this tutorial. In my experience of last 6 days of continuous tries. i have finally installed an operational nitdroid on my n900. I think this is because the nitdroid files are being installed manually into the emmc so no files will be missed or problematic!. Also, if you copy the commands to a notepad and open it on n900, you can copy paste all commands (if no file names are changed) to make typing easier. Although i have to tell you that any tries may lead to a bricked devise *ready for flashing* :-)

Outdated Guide: Installing NITDROID N12_UMay

Installing Nitdroid N12 UMay manually *Easy/Super Newb Friendly*
This guide assumes that eMMC is not partitioned
This guide assumes that you will be using nitdroid-kernel-2.6.28-06_final1_armel.deb
This guide assumes that you have extras, extras testing and extras devel repos added and updated.
This guide assumes that you have no mmc card inserted
This guide also assumes that you have some form of root access (rootsh,sudser, etc)

1.Download N12-UMay and the kernel and copy them onto the eMMC (internal memory).

2. To make it easier, rename 'N12_UMay.tar.bz2' to 'n12.tar.bz2' and 'nitdroid-kernel-2.6.28-06_final1_armel.deb' to 'nitdroid.deb'
And then disconnect N900 from computer.

3.Install all the repos on to HAM (Application Manager)
This is the easiest method of enabling repos on the n900, browse the site on your phone, and press each of the Click here links to auto install the repo.

4.Open HAM (application manager) and then go to Download ->All-> then search root and choose rootsh -> install it -> close HAM

5.Open Terminal and write as follows
sudo gainroot
apt-get -f update
apt-get install leafpad bzip2 multiboot-kernel-maemo
cd ..
mkdir /and
mount /home /and *NOTE* its is 'mount<space>/home<space>/and' Some people get it wrong.
cd /and
bzip2 -d /home/user/MyDocs/n12.tar.bz2
tar xvf /home/user/MyDocs/n12.tar
dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/nitdroid.deb
leafpad /etc/multiboot.d/11-NITDroid-mmcblk0p2-2.6.28.NIT.06.item

6. When leafpad opens, change
*important* Then SAVE before closing, people who complain about the guru meditation error often forget to save before closing =="

7. Reboot with keyboard out and choose option 2 (nitdroid)
8. Wait for it to boot
9. Enjoy

another emmc tutorial (lil edited where i got errors in) from

Copy Or Download the following files to /home/user/MyDocs
Install rootsh and enable all repos.
install bzip2 (apt-get install bzip2)

Go to Xterminal


sudo gainroot
apt-get update
apt-get install --reinstall multiboot (recomend multiboot kernel power)
cd ..
mkdir /and
mount /home /and
cd /and
tar xvf /home/user/MyDocs/N12_Umay.tar.bz2
cd /home/user/MyDocs
dpkg -i nitdroid-kernel-2.6.28-07_7-rc7_armel.deb

then restart the phone with keyboard open and VOILA u shud get an option to boot now


idea! i will try 1st and then keep the fish on the barbecue table...ADIOS

Saturday, November 10, 2012

NOKIA N900 All repositories from

After Flashing N900 with Custom EMMC and FIASCO, below are the repositories to be added.  The first 4 (four) repositories are configured by default (normally) :-D

Nokia Official Repositories

Catalog name: Nokia System Software Updates
Web address:
Distribution: ./

Nokia Applications

Catalog name: Nokia Applications
Web address:
Distribution: ./


Catalog name: Ovi
Web address:
Distribution: ./

Maemo Extras

Catalog name:

Web address:
Distribution: Fremantle-1.3
Components: free non-free

Maemo Testing

Catalog name: Maemo extras-testing
Web address:
DistribuciĆ³n: Fremantle
Components: free non-free

Maemo Extras-devel

Catalog name: Maemo Extras-devel
Web address:
Distribution: Fremantle
Components: free non-free

Fremantle Tools

Catalogue name: fremantle tools
Web Address:
Distribution: fremantle/tools
Components: free non-free


***14. Nov. 2012*********************************

 OR open your N900 browser to this page and click below to initial auto install.

 Click Me to Install EXTRAS
Click Me to Install Extras-Devel
Click Me to Install EXTRAS-TESTING

If there is a problem with a repository you've set up, it can be edited/checked for errors directly from the source file

If you dont have filebox (file explorer with root power) and leafpad (easy code editor)
Open X-terminal and:
sudo gainroot
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get install filebox <open filebox>setting>root access>YES / change editor to leafpad>close app
apt-get install leafpad

close xterminal and open filebox and navigate to:

Open file     "hildon-application-manager.list" to edit

It should show as:
deb ./ 
deb ./ 
deb fremantle free non-free
deb fremantle free
deb fremantle free
deb fremantle/tools free
 the 2 first lines are the one you need absolutely, the third is safe, the others use them only if you know what you're doing! and where there is a space, keep it!

Taken from and modified for noob usage! :-O The reason I am providing Leafpad and Filebox installations is because Filebox lets you navigate to any partition or folder in Maemo or NItdroid and allows leafpad to be used as editor for system files and is simple and easy to fiddle with!


 ok.. so some users have been complaining of getting below notice after an "apt-get update" command in X-terminal.
Nokia-N900:~# apt-get update
W: GPG error: ./ Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY ADB443xxxxA65xEF
W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems

Solution:disable OVI repository from Application Manager>catalogues.

disable following source in (Use Filebox to view): 

"deb ./"

In Most cases, it is due to your firmware and repositories. As you can see above, it says fremantle1.2. After the PR1.3 update was issued, all distributions are "fremantle" and might face issues like this.

Friday, November 9, 2012

FLASHING N900 with Custom EMMC

This past week, I got a new nokia n900 to fiddle around with!

Since I had enough time to kill at night (Insomnia-of-some-sort) :-D I start raping my N900 :-*

There are so many more guides on the internet and my below instructions are as minimal as possible and for noobs (I am a noob) using windows OS

First, make sure you want to flash the ROOT and EMMC. Its confusing so below is a guide to understand what you need. If you need full flashing, then you need both ROOT & EMMC files.

FIASCO aka *COMBINED*, aka "rootfs"

You need:
1. Flasher for your computer:
2. FIASCO image:
3. EMMC image:

Download latest flasher from: 
Current latest version for Windows (maemo_flasher-3.5_2.5.2.2.exe

 FIASCO Image & EMMC Image:
Go to > "" and type your phones IMEI code to get latest versions
Current lastest versions reported upto date (10 Nov 1012):
FIASCO: RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin
EMMC: RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.13-2.VANILLA_PR_EMMC_MR0_ARM.bin


I personaly use modded EMMC on my n900 so I will post the link for them as well. Comes in Handy if you want to Run Android or MEEGO on your Maemo devise. The above described default EMMC is 2GB application install memory and 30GB Mass mermory and can be changed.

Thanks to Mido.Fayad (My Favorite developer), you can download below custom EMMC.

A) 5GB app memory 24GB /MyDocs (EMMC_By.Mido
B) 8GB app memory 21GB /MyDocs (

I will post instructions for Flashing N900 with 8GB EMMC (by Mido.Fayad) and FIASCO (Rootfs).

01) - Install the downloaded flasher on your Computer by clicking it (it will install in C drive) so be on Administrator privileges on your windows.

02) - Extract the custom EMMC and you will get a .bin file as "EMMC_By.MiDO.FaYad.8.giga.bin"

NOTE: If you are downloading FIASCO & EMMC from official nokia site, then no need of extracting. Both files will be ".bin" on download.

Place the FIASCO & the EMMC in the maemo flasher folder (where the flasher installed). Most cases it is in  C:\Program Files\maemo\flasher-3.5\
Make sure battery is fully charged and phone is OFF.

03) Open "Maemo flasher 3.5" from programmes list. 

If its not seen in your programs, then Press (WINDOWS+R) and type "cmd" and locate to "C:\Program Files\maemo\flasher-3.5\" (location of flasher folder in installed drive C or D)


04) command in as below in the terminal window:

          flasher-3.5.exe -F EMMC_By.MiDO.FaYad.8.giga.bin -f
- It will say looking for suitable USB devise.....
- Press and hold "u" on hardware keyboard of n900 and plug in USB (install should start now)
- after above command completes, switch off phone and remove battery for like 15 secs!
- Keep the terminal running
- type again below command
          flasher-3.5.exe -F RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -f 
- It will say looking for suitable USB devise.....
- Press and hold "u" on hardware keyboard of n900 and plug in USB (install should start now)
- after it is done, exit the Terminal and let n900 boot. (might take little time as it will be a first boot)

 Now there you go...New N900. 
Off to Install Nitdroid on my new 8GB EMMC memory. Will post on status/results


I have done flashing using an ubuntu 12 laptop 32bit as well.
If you need a working guide, I will surely help.. in a way its easier than windows flashing... just ask!