Sunday, November 11, 2012

Installing Nitdroid UMAY /easy install on EMMC- guide 2


Refer tp "FEEDBACK ON NITDROID PROGRESS!!!!!! Issues" guide....yes already flashed and going to install Nitdroid on EMMC but this time I plan to install after reading more about this.

Some certificated and PUB_KEYS fail update in "sudo apt-get update" mode I figure the only way for a working Nitdroid would be first to make N900 fully functional. so this time i will install CSSU stable to get community updates.

Will keep you all posted.
TC and wish me luck!


Ok so after yesterdays yet again super failure to install and run NITDROID, Last night I again super flashed emmc & root of n900 (8GB EMMC). for PR1.3 ONLY (best after a fresh flash)

Guess what???? Its working without a glitch. This guide will let you install nitdroid with most minimal network/data charges possible and can still be tweaked to reduce more!

So heres what i did straight after flashing.
1- What u need, a good movie which you have seen atleast 1ce. some pop corn, a good beer/coke!
2- Copy the below files to "HOME" directory of n900
Nitdroid emmc installer 0.2.8-8.6rc6
Note: I chose kernel 6rc6 because this is the default kernel loaded by nitdroid in emmc auto installer. I have not tried another revision yet.

1- Open application Manager (HAM)> update> (Wait for it to update)
2- go to catalogs and add Extras devel/extras testing and fremantle tools.
3- click ok and let it load all the catalogues. It might take 5-8 mins for them to load.
4- Install>rootsh
close application Manager

open X termina...
Sudo gainroot
apt-get update
Note: you might get key/certificates expired notice. this is ok.. but apart from that; if any files are missing, go
apt-get upgrade >yes (y) to whatever it asks!
apt-get clean
close x-terminal

open file manager to where you saved the above 3 files (should be in MyDocs folder)

click on the nitdroid installer> Application Manager (HAM) will open and after install is done, close HAM.
go to your appliucations and click on the nitdroid installer (if you installed above version (0.2.2-8 6rc6) then you should have a nitdroid uninstaller as well) this will be handy if your install gets issues.

Nitdroid installer will start and check for all required files.
It will install multiboot and kernel and other dependencies so wait. keep an eye on the messages popping up to see if anything fails. After multiboot and other dependencies are done, it will close up because you dont have *bzip2* installed...funny part! The use of this was to make sure the dependencies are installed correctly and auto mode selects the latest and compatible versions for your devise. close x-terminal window and...

open X terminal
sudo gainroot
apt-get install filebox
Note: filebox will install bzip2/tar.gnu as additional packages.
apt-get update
cd ..
mount /home /and *NOTE* its is 'mount<space>/home<space>/and' Some people get it wrong.
cd /and
bzip2 -d /home/user/MyDocs/N12_UMay.tar.bz2
tar xvf /home/user/MyDocs/N12_UMay.tar
dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/nitdroid-kernel-2.6.28-07_6-rc6_armel.deb

wait for all to complete and close x-terminal
open filebox >settings>enable root access>close filebox (filebox needs to restart to apply root permission)
open filebox and at the location type...
this will show the files in the destination, Look for Nitdroid file like "11-NITDroid-mmcblk0p2-2.6.28.NIT.06.item". click on the file and check if
it should be

*important* Then SAVE before closing, people who complain about the guru meditation error often forget to save before closing =="
 I use leaf pad to edit the files. ("sudo gainroot">"apt-get install leafpad" in terminal) open filebox>settings>choose editor as "leafpad" and the file should be editable and savable.

Exit filebox and shut down n900. Put it to charge for min 2 hours. advisable...(as nitdroid needs a lot of things at initial startup process). after charge is done, open n900 with keyboard open and click 2.

*** bugs and issues to be reported for this tutorial. In my experience of last 6 days of continuous tries. i have finally installed an operational nitdroid on my n900. I think this is because the nitdroid files are being installed manually into the emmc so no files will be missed or problematic!. Also, if you copy the commands to a notepad and open it on n900, you can copy paste all commands (if no file names are changed) to make typing easier. Although i have to tell you that any tries may lead to a bricked devise *ready for flashing* :-)


  1. cannot find multiboot.d file...!!

    plzz assist me asap :(

  2. try using nano.. apt-get install nano then follow the step how to edit boot file

  3. Thank you very much, you are the best :)