Monday, February 11, 2013


Well Then, After some days of no-blogging, here i am again.

I wanted to share with you guys on what has happened.

7th of February; I was at hospital because my daughter was sick, she is 3 years old and down with flu. The nurse came to give antibiotics via the canola and i took my eyes off the phone for like 5 mins...BAM!! gone.

I had my latest Nitdroid developments and upgraded version installed with latest contact lists, latest updates was the biggest worry i had...! We even called to the number (which wasnt shut down for a while even the next day) and asked the thief to pay for it even cz i needed the data in the phone.

Anyway, I have given the IMEI code to the police and they will catch anyone who uses the phone with another SIM.

So yes, I had my old n900 with battery burned. Invested little cash for a brand new battery and 1st thing i did was install nitdroid. It has never worked better!!! honestly i cant beleive cz I was having so many issues with old installations done on lost phones as you guys can see in the blog..:-(.

So now I am stuck at my work place with restricted access on wifi. cannot download apps or softwares.. which leads me to digging and digging until i pop up with something.

Ok. first, there was this APK google chrome extension which worked until recently as far as info on internet but sadly, that is not an option any more.

So below is a new method

  1. Download the portable version of Iron Browser (v. 19.0.1100) – 32MB. (Click here)
  2. Use 7zip or any other extracting utility to extract the files to a separate folder.
  3. Once you have the files extracted, run IronPortable.exe
  4. In Iron, click on the Wrench icon in the top right (next to address bar) and select Tools> Extensions.
  5. You’ll be on the extensions page of Iron. Now open a new tab and open this article (shortlink –
  6. Drag and drop the link to APK Downloader into the extensions tab of Iron Browser (which you opened in step 4)
  7. It will show you a warning, just click on Continue.
  8. Click on add to install the extension.
  9. Once installed,you will be presented with the Extension’s options page. Make sure that you fill out the correct Google Account information associated with your android phone. Login when done.
  10. Now you can download apps from the Play Store. Just open the page of the specific app and click on the APK Downloader icon in your address bar to download. Please note that only free apps can be downloaded and that too only the ones which are listed as compatible with your phone.
Well then, off to try it. btw, there is also one other way if you have access to program installation on your PC. Its called "BLUESTACKS".... just go google and you will find the website. from there on, its easy...that is if you have installer rights!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Everybody there knows a problem, right? When you start using your n900 to surf internets via wifi, it starts heating until reboot. There is nothing with CPU, the only problem is WIFI. LOL, energy saving for wireless adapter is just turned off ^^

So, here is a way to enable it.
First you need to install iwconfig utility.

Boot n900 to maemo, then download an attachment and unpack it to MyDocs. There is only one file - iwmulticall.
Then you should mount your Android partition like you did when installing it and put iwmulticall to Android binaries. To do this, type in Terminal

mount /home /and
cp /home/user/MyDocs/iwmulticall /and/system/bin/iwmulticall

If you installed Nitdroid to sdcard, you should mount it another way. If you dont know how to do this, maybe you should ask someone who knows ^^
If you have any root explorer installed on Nitdroid, you can do the same thing using it.

If everything is ok, reboot your n900 to Nitdroid, open Dev Tools, then Terminal Emulator. Type there:


Accept superuser request, then type

cd system
cd bin
ls -l iw*

You should see something like this:

#  ls -l iw*
-rw-r--r-- root    root    95272  2011-02-2315:29 iwmulticall

If you dont, something went wrong. Return to previous step.
If you do, go ahead. Type

chmod 0755 iwmulticall
ln iwmulticall iwconfig
ln iwmulticall iwgetid
ln iwmulticall iwlist
ln iwmulticall iwpriv
ln iwmulticall iwspy


ls -l iw*

After executing last command, you should see exactly this:

#  ls -l iw*
-rwxr-xr-x root    root    95272  2011-02-2315:29 iwconfig
-rwxr-xr-x root    root    95272  2011-02-2315:29 iwgetid
-rwxr-xr-x root    root    95272  2011-02-2315:29 iwlist
-rwxr-xr-x root    root    95272  2011-02-2315:29 iwmulticall
-rwxr-xr-x root    root    95272  2011-02-2315:29 iwpriv
-rwxr-xr-x root    root    95272  2011-02-2315:29 iwspy

If you do, then installation of iwconfig utility was successful.

Then you type in terminal


and see horrible thing -

wlan0   IEEE 802.11bg
            Power management:off

That's root of evil. Now type in terminal

iwconfig wlan0 power 1

and your n900 will stop heating until you reboot or disable/enable wifi in settings.

Now you need to enter in terminal

iwconfig wlan0 power 1

each time before you connect to a wlan access point, and everything will be fine. Enjoy!

P. S. I dont know, maybe this will work with 3g data... try yourself.

P. P. S. does anybody know a way to run this every time phone connects to wireless network?
* Screenshot-20121007-005353.png (61.71 kB, 800x480 - viewed 166 times.)
* (51.37 kB - downloaded 76 times.)

Stability Issues?

NITDroid uses 500 1150 default CPU clock settings which can make some devices unstable. In Maemo, open Xterminal then:
mount /home /and
cp /and/etc/oc-profile-250-500 /and/etc/power.conf
leafpad /and/etc/power.conf
Source: More info
AND VERY IMPORTANT FOR SWAP that I can see that the people do not understand well it

sudo gainroot
mount /home /and
leafpad default.prop 
and change

swap.swappiness=0 and put 1  AND SAVE
nitdrod installed in MICROSD  : 

Nitdroid installed in  EMMC

cyanogenmod 9 android 4.0.4 IN N900 (CM900)


Alpha 1
Download essentials
unzip and copy files to MyDocs
open terminal
sudo gainroot
cd /home/user/MyDocs
(install u-boot-tools first)
dpkg -i u-boot-tools_2012.04-1_armel
(then u-boot flasher)
dpkg -i u-boot-flasher_2012.04-1_armel
copy uImage to MyDocs
copy 50-cm900.item to etc/bootmenu.d
Alpha 1
download tar ball
copy to MyDocs
mount /home /and
untar from root "/"
/tar xvf location/tarball

Audio (Tiny Alsa)
untar in /and/system

/and/system/tar xvf /location/audio.tar

open xterminal
sudo gainroot
cd /
mount /home <space>/and
rm *
rm -r acct and bin cache config data dev etc init initrd lib mnt proc sbin sdcard sys system usr var
cd /
/tar xvf <location>/alpha1.tar

Then install the NITDroid kernel and reboot!

Source link
Source page;

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hello all,

As some of you (LESS OF YOU) are aware that Nokia has let go of n9oo tablets.

Incase you guys are wondering why your phone fails to update: it has been transfered to another server.

Have a look at


Using the default App Manager on the N900 (HAM), firstly, disable the repos that are down.

Pictures for those who need more details:

1) Open App Manager and click on the top bar

2) After clicking on "Application Catalogues", scroll down to those catalogues that have a red sign with exclamation mark as shown

3) Now for every of these catalogues, open them and click on "Disabled" to disable them and click "Save"

Now old repos have been disabled; when they come back up you can simply go back and untick the "Disabled" option for every one of them.

Now next stage is to add new catalogues or repos by clicking on the "New" button in the "Application Catalogues" menu as in "2)" above. Clicking on "New" you would get:

This is the place where you input the temporary mirror details.

For Community Repo:

For Community-Testing Repo:

For Extras Repo:

For Extras-Devel Repo:

For Extras-Testing Repo: - (not recommended)

So that's all you need to do and run an update. In the worst-case scenario that you need a package and can't do the above the repos can be accessed via your browser and the package can be manually downloaded.

So go ahead and keep modding.. It is not yet known when this will return to normal operation, but please expect update failures every now and then until transfer is complete.

"Repositories (application catalogues ) are temporarily not working due to migration to community driven infrastructure. They may come up for some test and vanish again" Team-