Monday, February 11, 2013


Well Then, After some days of no-blogging, here i am again.

I wanted to share with you guys on what has happened.

7th of February; I was at hospital because my daughter was sick, she is 3 years old and down with flu. The nurse came to give antibiotics via the canola and i took my eyes off the phone for like 5 mins...BAM!! gone.

I had my latest Nitdroid developments and upgraded version installed with latest contact lists, latest updates was the biggest worry i had...! We even called to the number (which wasnt shut down for a while even the next day) and asked the thief to pay for it even cz i needed the data in the phone.

Anyway, I have given the IMEI code to the police and they will catch anyone who uses the phone with another SIM.

So yes, I had my old n900 with battery burned. Invested little cash for a brand new battery and 1st thing i did was install nitdroid. It has never worked better!!! honestly i cant beleive cz I was having so many issues with old installations done on lost phones as you guys can see in the blog..:-(.

So now I am stuck at my work place with restricted access on wifi. cannot download apps or softwares.. which leads me to digging and digging until i pop up with something.

Ok. first, there was this APK google chrome extension which worked until recently as far as info on internet but sadly, that is not an option any more.

So below is a new method

  1. Download the portable version of Iron Browser (v. 19.0.1100) – 32MB. (Click here)
  2. Use 7zip or any other extracting utility to extract the files to a separate folder.
  3. Once you have the files extracted, run IronPortable.exe
  4. In Iron, click on the Wrench icon in the top right (next to address bar) and select Tools> Extensions.
  5. You’ll be on the extensions page of Iron. Now open a new tab and open this article (shortlink –
  6. Drag and drop the link to APK Downloader into the extensions tab of Iron Browser (which you opened in step 4)
  7. It will show you a warning, just click on Continue.
  8. Click on add to install the extension.
  9. Once installed,you will be presented with the Extension’s options page. Make sure that you fill out the correct Google Account information associated with your android phone. Login when done.
  10. Now you can download apps from the Play Store. Just open the page of the specific app and click on the APK Downloader icon in your address bar to download. Please note that only free apps can be downloaded and that too only the ones which are listed as compatible with your phone.
Well then, off to try it. btw, there is also one other way if you have access to program installation on your PC. Its called "BLUESTACKS".... just go google and you will find the website. from there on, its easy...that is if you have installer rights!!!


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