Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hello all,

As some of you (LESS OF YOU) are aware that Nokia has let go of n9oo tablets.

Incase you guys are wondering why your phone fails to update: it has been transfered to another server.

Have a look at


Using the default App Manager on the N900 (HAM), firstly, disable the repos that are down.

Pictures for those who need more details:

1) Open App Manager and click on the top bar

2) After clicking on "Application Catalogues", scroll down to those catalogues that have a red sign with exclamation mark as shown

3) Now for every of these catalogues, open them and click on "Disabled" to disable them and click "Save"

Now old repos have been disabled; when they come back up you can simply go back and untick the "Disabled" option for every one of them.

Now next stage is to add new catalogues or repos by clicking on the "New" button in the "Application Catalogues" menu as in "2)" above. Clicking on "New" you would get:

This is the place where you input the temporary mirror details.

For Community Repo:

For Community-Testing Repo:

For Extras Repo:

For Extras-Devel Repo:

For Extras-Testing Repo: - (not recommended)

So that's all you need to do and run an update. In the worst-case scenario that you need a package and can't do the above the repos can be accessed via your browser and the package can be manually downloaded.

So go ahead and keep modding.. It is not yet known when this will return to normal operation, but please expect update failures every now and then until transfer is complete.

"Repositories (application catalogues ) are temporarily not working due to migration to community driven infrastructure. They may come up for some test and vanish again" Team-

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