Friday, November 9, 2012

FLASHING N900 with Custom EMMC

This past week, I got a new nokia n900 to fiddle around with!

Since I had enough time to kill at night (Insomnia-of-some-sort) :-D I start raping my N900 :-*

There are so many more guides on the internet and my below instructions are as minimal as possible and for noobs (I am a noob) using windows OS

First, make sure you want to flash the ROOT and EMMC. Its confusing so below is a guide to understand what you need. If you need full flashing, then you need both ROOT & EMMC files.

FIASCO aka *COMBINED*, aka "rootfs"

You need:
1. Flasher for your computer:
2. FIASCO image:
3. EMMC image:

Download latest flasher from: 
Current latest version for Windows (maemo_flasher-3.5_2.5.2.2.exe

 FIASCO Image & EMMC Image:
Go to > "" and type your phones IMEI code to get latest versions
Current lastest versions reported upto date (10 Nov 1012):
FIASCO: RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin
EMMC: RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.13-2.VANILLA_PR_EMMC_MR0_ARM.bin


I personaly use modded EMMC on my n900 so I will post the link for them as well. Comes in Handy if you want to Run Android or MEEGO on your Maemo devise. The above described default EMMC is 2GB application install memory and 30GB Mass mermory and can be changed.

Thanks to Mido.Fayad (My Favorite developer), you can download below custom EMMC.

A) 5GB app memory 24GB /MyDocs (EMMC_By.Mido
B) 8GB app memory 21GB /MyDocs (

I will post instructions for Flashing N900 with 8GB EMMC (by Mido.Fayad) and FIASCO (Rootfs).

01) - Install the downloaded flasher on your Computer by clicking it (it will install in C drive) so be on Administrator privileges on your windows.

02) - Extract the custom EMMC and you will get a .bin file as "EMMC_By.MiDO.FaYad.8.giga.bin"

NOTE: If you are downloading FIASCO & EMMC from official nokia site, then no need of extracting. Both files will be ".bin" on download.

Place the FIASCO & the EMMC in the maemo flasher folder (where the flasher installed). Most cases it is in  C:\Program Files\maemo\flasher-3.5\
Make sure battery is fully charged and phone is OFF.

03) Open "Maemo flasher 3.5" from programmes list. 

If its not seen in your programs, then Press (WINDOWS+R) and type "cmd" and locate to "C:\Program Files\maemo\flasher-3.5\" (location of flasher folder in installed drive C or D)


04) command in as below in the terminal window:

          flasher-3.5.exe -F EMMC_By.MiDO.FaYad.8.giga.bin -f
- It will say looking for suitable USB devise.....
- Press and hold "u" on hardware keyboard of n900 and plug in USB (install should start now)
- after above command completes, switch off phone and remove battery for like 15 secs!
- Keep the terminal running
- type again below command
          flasher-3.5.exe -F RX-51_2009SE_20.2010.36-2_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -f 
- It will say looking for suitable USB devise.....
- Press and hold "u" on hardware keyboard of n900 and plug in USB (install should start now)
- after it is done, exit the Terminal and let n900 boot. (might take little time as it will be a first boot)

 Now there you go...New N900. 
Off to Install Nitdroid on my new 8GB EMMC memory. Will post on status/results


I have done flashing using an ubuntu 12 laptop 32bit as well.
If you need a working guide, I will surely help.. in a way its easier than windows flashing... just ask!


  1. hi, can you please upload the custom kernel (4 & 8 GB ) because the link is no longer available

    thank you

  2. Hi, I tried to download one of those 5/8Gb eMMC images but the links don't work anymore. I'm technical enough that I could fdisk it maybe but I was thinking to wipe the block device anyway as just reflashed the rootfs to get my phone working and able to recover some files from MyDocs. I wanna try out nitdroid too. Is 5Gb enough to do it properly or 8Gb more worthwhile?

  3. i down loaded and flashed EMMC_By.MiDO.FaYad.8.giga.bin as per instruction and i got an error saying SU_GET_UPDATE_STATUS_REQ terminated with error code 3 and have not find a way to fix this can u help

  4. Sorry guys..I donot have the files in my pc any more. It broke down last year forcing me to completely format it.

    @helpmereball please make sure your drivers for pc are working fine. Also to flash FIASCO image first and then the EMMC image. Are u using the latest flasher and files for this? Are the files beinf kept in flasher folder? This issue has also been reported on Maemo. This is a driver/file issue as per what I read so reflashing should work. Most important.. full battery. Correct files and commands should be same name as files. Please let me know if you were able to fix. I am currently working on pure Android Experience after loosing my loving n900. For those of you having mediatek chipset androids, it will be very helpful as I have covered info to increase performance, root and flashing instructions for 500mb phones. I used a MTK6577 NOTE 2 CLONE. Just last week shifted to an original note 2 and the journey starts!

  5. here the link done it