Monday, November 12, 2012

FEEDBACK ON NITDROID PROGRESS!!!!!! Issues and tweaks done

15-Nov-2012 11:11am******************

so yes small heart could bear it last night and i flashed it using my ubuntu 12 laptop.
So today I will try a different approach to install nitdroid. Will pass the information once i compile it.


14 nov 2012 9:50PM*************

um..i dont think its a good idea to fiddle with the super user phone did not boot up. not even maemo. just flashes the nokia logo and switches off... so put on charger but it keeps vibrating whilst on charger. so removed battery for a while n again put on charge for a while...i will check little later and update

14 nov 2012 7:55PM**************

just now i saw that the super user app in nitdroid had an update.but i was unable to do the update..browsed a bit and found another app.."su update fixer" but su update fixer also cannot complete update... I mailed to developer and waiting response

---------------- 14-Nov-2012**********************************************

Ok. So counting the third day. My apologies for the lesser progress since I have been very busy these 2 days. and also i think acting in a hurry will make new issues only..! take the bait!

I had one reboot yesterday. VLC crashed and had to reinstall again. No-FRILLS have been kept at 250min and 1Ghz max with Governor ON-DEMAND. I noted that it works very well with these settings.

I am having issues with usb connect and debug on Nitdroid. Today my target is to find a solution for this...try try try...

will post once confirmed on settings/mod. Any suggestions will be very helpful.

---end post---


Aloha and welcome back to another yet Sunny and HOT day in the Maldives.

Remind me!, Maldives is not the is Nitdroid. So i thought I will make a new post on the progress of my nitdroid installation on my beast; the N900.

Its the second day with functional Nitdroid. Last night installed below apps from Google play store with a WIFI connection. Wifi speed and connection not so good.
1- Fuit Ninja : (18MB) yay!! (lets not forget that gaming and internet was my heed for NITDROID!!!!
2. ES file explorer (less than 3MB) very good file browser for Nitdroid and can activate root access!
3. VLC beta for Android (7 MB i think)

My friend got a new LG P500 with Android 2.2 out of the box. It has a 600mhz processor and is enough for his out of the box operations. According to some past readings on; Nitdroid on N900 runs at 1.15Ghz by default. I am guessing that this is one cause for over heating easily. NO-FRILLS app allows you to set parameters. I have my devise currently on below CPU power
Min 250Mhz Max 850Mhz Conservative

The applications seem to work very well. I even played fruit Ninja with no crashes ---so far--- hehe

Oh...and almost bricked my devise too. Last night I went into Maemo to try to edit build prop but my clumsiness made me rename the build prop file and later when i tried to boot back into Nitdroid; it only showed a black blank-lit screen. (clever me) i realized that this must have been the build prop issue. Luckily I had made a back up of build prop so i had to replace it and it was ok. Now you know why i downloaded ES FILE EXPLORER and for the record; keep a back-up of whichever file you modify to escape from these situations

Anyways... i feel its been better today. very smooth. Will update later on what the monkey has been up to.

---End post---

12:30pm----- system acts lagged on receiving calls.. so i changed the No-Frill cpu to 250min 850 max and cpu governor at "performance". Much much much much better i say---
---end post---

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